Step 6: Offline Visibility

How To Make Yourself More Visible Offline

The power of unforgettable presentations and amazing events

What do I need to know about in-person activities, like giving presentations and organizing events, to increase my visibility locally?

Prepare yourself for in-person visibility opportunities

After having a look at your online visibility it is now time for you offline visibility. There are several ways to let people, usually locally, but with internet possibilities of course also globally, get to know you and/or your business by you actually being there. It can happen that you are asked to give a presentation about yourself or your business. If this happens you want to be prepared! By organizing an event you can take matters into your own hands. In those cases, the importance of knowing how to make unforgettable presentations and how to organize amazing events come in handy.

6 Essentials of unforgettable presentations

After going through a lot of shared knowledge on this topic by experts I came to the following 6 essentials that are key to making a presentation unforgettable:

  1. Being genuine
  2. Creating the content with in mind, amongst others the 10/20/30 rule meaning 10 slides, 20 minutes and 30 points font size
  3. Use the right technology, for example, Powerpoint of Prezi
  4. Paying attention to the audience’s needs
  5. Showing your emotions
  6. Allowing yourself to make mistakes

10 essentials of conscious event organizing

After organizing many events and trainings I came to the following 10 essentials:

  1. Designing with deep intention
  2. Finding the right location
  3. Working in co-creation
  4. Paying attention to sustainability
  5. Touching people’s hearts
  6. Using silence and sound
  7. Memorizing through visualization
  8. Learning by experience
  9. Focusing on connections
  10. Noticing the energy

My experience

I love bringing people together and have been doing this since I started studying. I have organized many events and get-togethers for local and global larger and small groups of people. This taught me a lot about what is needed to create a good space for discussing certain topics or doing certain activities that are related to the intention of the event.

When I was 23, right after having my law degree, I worked at a communication firm in an in-between job and had my first-time experience with organizing a large event for hundreds of people. The last event which I organized, from scratch on, was an international event in Berlin for about 60 people. At that time, after all my learning experiences, I was more conscious of what was needed. For me, the best learning is still by doing.

Giving a presentation is another story for me. I still tend to avoid being in front of groups for giving a presentation. My experience is that as long as I stay close to what I believe in and my gained knowledge so far, it all works out fine. Furthermore, some breathing exercises beforehand are helpful to ease the nerves.

The best presentation I gave has been the one when I left an orphanage where I worked for in Nepal. I had to give a farewell speech to the children, teachers and the medical staff. The words just came like I was in a flow. Just looking at the children and people that were so dear to me, made me speak right from my heart. Of course it is not common to speak to such a specific audience, but still, it made me realize the importance of sharing a story right from your heart

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