About Founder Floor Martens

Floorish was founded in 2015 by Floor Martens in the Netherlands. Since then, Floorish’s focus moved from social media to community building to business development. The values stayed the same: impact-drivenness, forward-drivenness and creativity. The current mission of Floorish is:

Maximise the impact of forward-thinking organisations with global market entry and future-proof lead generation solutions.

I am a creative, forward-thinking and impact-driven business consultant with 15+ years of international experience at startups, universities, corporations and governments. My roots are in the Netherlands, but I lived in Germany for 5 years and am currently based in the UK. I worked for organisations from Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, the Netherlands and the UK in the sectors of consultancy, education, energy, finance, healthcare, retail, social and tech. For more information visit my profile and connect!

I have undergone training in lead generation, online marketing, leadership, project & change management, intercultural communication, diversity & inclusion, Theory U, business constellations and social innovation. In Guatemala, Nepal and the Netherlands, I’ve done volunteer work for orphanages and LGBTI networks. In my spare time, I love exploring the world and experience the beauty of different cultures, do exercise and bring people together.