About Founder Floor Martens

I am a creative, forward-thinking and impact-driven business consultant and coach with 10+ years of international experience at startups, universities, corporations and governments. I grew up in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, lived in Berlin, Germany, for 5 years until 2019 and am currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. LinkedIn

I’ve done volunteer work for orphanages, sports clubs, Dutch expat communities and LGBTI networks in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Guatemala and Nepal.

I did training in business constellations, intercultural communication, Theory U, social innovation, project management, change management, leadership and online marketing.

I love exploring the world and experience the beauty of different cultures. I backpacked for many months in Asia, Central America, Europe and the Middle East.

I like to exercise in teams and alone. Through my lifetime I played field hockey, soccer, tennis and floorball. Currently, I am into fitness, running, spinning and yoga.

I enjoy bringing people together. Regularly I organise events and create online communities like Theory U in Practice, Fun activities Berlin and Dutch networking events.