Typical Requests of Previous Clients

  • I hate networking but I want more people to get to know my work, what should I do?
  • What kind of message about my expertise or business will attract the right people?
  • How can I improve the engagement with my target audience?
  • What is the best way to build a solid network of relevant contacts?
  • I want to use social media in order to be more visible online, how should I start?
  • How can I improve my networking, presentation and organising skills?

For Who

Professionals and businesses who want to become more visible and attract relevant contacts that can be turned into profitable relationships. You are an entrepreneur, an employee or a job seeker looking for ways to increase your own or your business’s impact. You prefer to connect with other people on the basis of authenticity, trust and sincere interest. You want to acquire knowledge of modern, authentic networking.

What You’ll Get

Business Connecting Consulting will help you to strategically improve your visibility with the help of the 6 steps of Business Connecting that focus on how to:

  1. Discover your personal, energizing networking style.
  2. Create your authentic brand story.
  3. Reach and engage with your target audience.
  4. Build a quality network of relevant contacts.
  5. Increase your visibility with suitable online marketing material.
  6. Connect authentically at events and while presenting.

As your consultant, I will develop an understanding of your goals closely with you so that you achieve them. I bring years of Business Connecting expertise, alongside with a forward-thinking, innovative, globally oriented mind, sincere interest, result orientation and enthusiasm.

  • 1-2 Hour consulting sessions on how to apply the 6 Business Connecting steps
  • Generating creative ideas and perspectives
  • Exchanging knowledge and experiences
  • Working with practical tools and easy-to-use templates 
  • Planning steps strategically


“Floor is an energetic, smart and creative person, who has an uncanny ability to connect people who she thinks will be of value to each other. This makes her a great asset to anyone’s network and work environment. She sees what people are good at and is able to activate them. And she’s also a lot of fun to be around!” Mandy Smits, advisor government

“Floor is an energetic connector. She has a solid theoretical knowledge of community activation and flexible ways of organising work and the practical experience in this field of work. Her network was a valuable asset for our international business development efforts for Part-up in Berlin, Germany.”
Ralph Boeije, founder Part-up

How to Get Consulting?