In a 3 days training, you will dive into the 6 steps of Business Connecting. You will learn all there is to know about making yourself and your business more visible and attract relevant contacts. Contacts that have the potential to be converted into real profitable relationships.

What You’ll Get

  • 3 Days group training
  • Step-by-step in-depth journey through the 6 steps of Business Connecting
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences
  • Creative ideas and perspective
  • Practical tools
  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Informative and inspirational videos
  • Videos with personal stories of e-learning creator Floor Martens (1 preview here)
  • A Business Connecting Intermediate Training certificate

The 6 Steps of Business Connecting

Step 1: You –  Discover your personal, energizing networking style
We will look at your natural networking style, way of communicating ansocial media use. This week is about you!

Step 2: Your Story – Create your authentic brand story
We will dive into the story behind you and your business until we find you why. The why is all about your purpose, cause or belief. We are going to find your authentic story.

Step 3: Audience – Reach and engage with your target audience
We are going to find your target audience and the best ways to address them with the goal to find previously undetected opportunities for you and your business.

Step 4: Contacts – Form a quality network of relevant contacts
During our life, we meet so many people. We are first going to look at all your contacts and then focus on the ones who can be interesting for your growth.

Step 5: Online Visibility – Increase your visibility with suitable online marketing material
There are many online platforms where you can introduce yourself and your business. The question is where and how do you want to position yourself. We will work on an online visibility plan.

Step 6: Offline Visibility – Connect authentically at events and while presenting
You can go to networking events to talk about your business or decide to organise one yourself. We will go into how to network in-person, make an unforgettable presentation and how to organise an amazing event.


“It’s very valuable to work with Floor. She works in an authentic way and out of the box like no one I know. She treats everybody respectfully, but also tries to challenge, with the intention to set things in motion. It’s great to work with her. Sincere, passionate and with compassion for the people she works with.” Pauline Geldhof, founder About Work & Flow

“In 2011-2012 I enjoyed working with Floor on two projects in the field of The New Way of Working. She knew how to connect people with her openness and sincere interest. In combination with her enthusiasm, energy and result orientation, she made a significant contribution to the success of these projects, of which one was a Train the Trainer project.” Maurits Hoenders, freelance facilitator