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In the Business Connecting Beginner E-Learning, you will get to know the 6 steps of Business Connecting. You will learn the basic Business Connecting principles of making yourself and your business more visible and attract relevant contacts. This Beginner E-Learning is your gateway to modern, authentic networking!

What You’ll Get

  • 6 Weeks e-learning – expected time investment 1-2 hours weekly
  • Step-by-step journey through the basics of the 6 steps of Business Connecting
  • Hands-on exercises for each step
  • Practical tools that help you to increase your visibility
  • Essential networking insights
  • A motivational Business Connecting E-Learning Plan 
  • 100% Self-study material (in case of need, you can email though!)
  • 6 Weeks access to the e-learning
  • A Business Connecting Beginner E-Learning certificate

The 6 Steps of the E-Learning

Step 1: You –  Discover your personal, energizing networking style
This step is about you! We will look at your communication style.

Step 2: Your Story – Create your authentic brand story
We will dive into the story behind your expertise and your business. We are going to find your authentic brand story.

Step 3: Audience – Reach and engage with your target audience
We are going to check out different informational resources of your target audience in order to find previously undetected opportunities.

Step 4: Contacts – Build a quality network of relevant contacts
We will look at (potential) relevant contacts for you/your business.

Step 5: Online Visibility – Increase your visibility with suitable online marketing material
You will get to know and work with the best, free, easy-to-use tools for making visuals, videos and more in order to increase your online visibility.

Step 6: Offline Visibility – Connect authentically with potentially relevant contacts
Networking can be fun! This week we will go through the 6 essentials of in-person networking.


“The e-learning gave me a structured way of approaching something I’m normally shy to do – connecting with others in the business world – in a way that made me feel like I could do it confidently and have fun!” Sarika Sinha, recruiter Wayfair

“In the Business Connecting e-learning, I have found a broad foundation of tools helping me to understand networking and communication better.” Ludwig Reinmiedl, freelance software developer

“The e-learning is a great way to discover and train the different inter-related aspects that are part of presenting oneself and one’s business to both online and offline audiences. It offers many different tools: from realizing your own strengths (and weaknesses) to engaging with targeted audiences.” Doreen Huschek, researcher University Potsdam


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I love helping professionals and businesses attract relevant contacts for their ventures. Contacts that have the potential to become profitable relationships. I believe that when the right people connect authentically, from a basis of trust and sincere interest, the result and the impact will be enormous, not only for the individuals themselves but also for the world.