How to learn Business Connecting

 The 6 steps of Business Connecting

This 6 weeks intermediate course will cover the 6 steps of Business Connecting: You, Your Story, Audience, Contacts, Online Visibility and Offline Visibility. Per lesson, you can see an estimation of the time needed, but this will vary from person to person.

Each step will consist of:

    Introduction              How to “x”                Inspiration                   Exercise




The templates, which are provided for certain exercises, are stored in a Floorish, Business Connecting Google Drive folder.  You can download them or create your own templates according to your own needs. Just keep in mind what is being said about copyright under ‘E-Learning material’.

An overview of the 6 steps

YouWe will look at your natural networking style, way of communicating and social media use. This week is about you!
Your StoryWe will dive into the story behind you and your business until we find you why. The why is all about your purpose, cause or belief. We are going to find your authentic brand story.
AudienceWe are going to find your target audience and the best ways to address them with the goal to find previously undetected opportunities for you and your business.
ContactsDuring our life, we meet so many people. We are first going to look at all your contacts and then focus on the ones who can be interesting for your growth.
Online VisibilityThere are many online platforms where you can introduce yourself and your business. The question is where and how do you want to position yourself. We will work on an online visibility plan.
Offline VisibilityYou can go to networking events to talk (present) about your business or organize one yourself. We will go into how to network in-person, how to make an unforgettable presentation and how to organize amazing event.

Business Connecting E-Learning Plan

I would like to offer you one printable document: the Business Connecting E-Learning Plan. You can hang it in your workspace and make relevant notes (objectives, activities, important notes) on it. It can have the function as a reminder that you are in the process of becoming a Business Connector!