Modern Networking 6 Steps

Modern Networking Explained in 6 Easy-to-Apply Steps

Creating a network that will move you and your business forward

Business — Connecting

  • Business: the conversion of relevant contacts into profitable relationships
  • Connecting: the human connection before a business connection

For who?

Professionals and businesses who want to become more visible and attract relevant contacts that can be turned into profitable relationships. You are an entrepreneur, an employee or a job seeker looking for ways to increase your own or your business’s impact. You prefer to connect with other people on the basis of authenticity, trust and sincere interest. You want to acquire knowledge of modern, authentic networking.

Why now?

Business Connecting is important now because of:
1. Technological unemployment and end of lifetime jobs
2. Online visibility through global connection & sharing possibilities
3. Questionable sustainability of online mass advertisement

What you’ll get

Business connecting is about authenticity, human connection, real interest and trust. So it is not about hardcore selling, simply exchanging business cards or sharing Facebook ads.

Step 1: You – Discover your personal, energizing networking style
Step 2: Your Story – Create your authentic brand story
Step 3: Audience – Reach and engage with your target audience
Step 4: Contacts – Form a quality network of relevant contacts
Step 5: Online Visibility – Increase your visibility with suitable online marketing material
Step 6: Offline Visibility – Connect authentically with potentially relevant contacts

The importance of understanding networking

Networking usually doesn’t bring up a lot of positive thoughts.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when thinking about networking is exchanging business cards at big, boring, commercial events. Since the internet has become a big part of our lives, the second thing people tend to think about is the huge amount of online social media channels and how to manage that. It is easy to understand that ‘networking’ does not sound all that appealing.

I am a strong believer in the value of connecting (the right) people though and I have been networking (un)consciously since I don’t know when. For years people have been telling me to start a training about networking. Now, finally, after participating in numerous networking events, building several big communities with the help of online and offline activities and talking to lots of people about their networking experiences, I have decided to share my thoughts with the world. I call my view on modern networking Business Connecting.

Mass and word-of-mouth marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertising, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are taking over or not?

Online, we are confronted with a lot of advertisement. Organisations are looking for SEO, SEA and SEM specialists in order to do the marketing work for them. More and more it seems though that people are becoming blind to the advertisement. What is becoming more important again is word-of-mouth marketing, which is spread more quickly nowadays because it also happens online.

Of course, a high Google ranking, Facebook advertisement and 10.000 followers can help you grow, but I would suggest to not fixate on it. I believe Business Connecting will give you a more sustainable and engaged audience, without spending money on mass advertisement, but instead spending time on increasing your network of relevant contacts by connecting with them more personally.

The network that will move you forward

We want to meet the right people, at the right moment, at the right place.

In the ever-changing and ever-evolving markets, we see ourselves in day to day Business Connecting will help you overcome boundaries in regards to networking, communicating and implementing the right use of today’s social media platforms.

Business Connecting helps you to connect with relevant contacts that have the potential to be converted into real profitable relationships. It all starts with your connecting preferences, followed by the discovery of your story, finding your target audience, building a quality network and finally creating interesting content to share in order to communicate and engage with your audience online and offline.

The 6 steps of business connecting will lead to the creation of the foundation of your (business’s) credibility and the establishment of your, online and offline, network of relevant contacts that have the potential to turn into profitable relationships. The infographic below will give you an overview of the topics that those 6 steps cover.

My experience

The last decade, I have been involved in many online and offline communities for which networking was the key towards growth. I have been part of community growth projects for non-profit organisations, corporations, start-ups, governmental institutions, international communities, sports clubs and voluntary organisations. After years of learning and experiencing I finally feel that it is time to give what I have learned back to the world. I want to provide you with insights and tools that help you and your business become more visible to the right people. People who can’t wait to know more about what you have to offer. All this without you having to spend a lot of money, but by simply practising the 6 Business Connecting steps.